OMX | Organic Metabolomics

Advanced Organic Acids and Amino Acids Profile


Metabolomic Testing Offers Enhanced Insights into Patient Metabolic Status

The OMX ™ Organic Metabolomics test in Canada by Designs for Health and Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory evaluates urine metabolites—including organic acids, amino acids, and other key compounds—to assist practitioners in unravelling their patient’s metabolic pathways, revealing their unique Metabolic Signature.

Using a systems-biology approach, OMX assesses biomarkers that go beyond the traditional lists of metabolites. This test enables practitioners to see a patient’s larger health picture by deciphering and connecting perturbations of key metabolic pathways and analytes, allowing for truly personalised therapeutic support.

How Patients Can Benefit from the OMX Metabolomics Test

Understanding an individual’s metabolome allows clinicians to establish a larger picture…

Combined with their medical history and lifestyle, you can provide support from the bottom up. Ideally, practitioners will use OMX to establish a baseline metabolic signature for healthy patients. The baseline could be used for future comparison if symptoms, disease, or illness occurs.

When Should You Use OMX With Your Patient?

OMX Provides Insights Into the Following Areas of Health:

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